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20" Replacement Rubber Tines


20" Replacement Rubber Tines

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20" Replacement Rubber Tines for Wizard Rake: Just the rubber tines. Use a little dish soap to slide out the old tine and replace with the new tines. Loosen the small nuts if necessary.

The rubber tines on the Wizard Rake allow you to collect garden debris without causing damage to stone, wood, concrete, brick, or lawn. It's also ideal for collecting wet leaves from a patio or gravel area. It works well with pine needles and maple pods where a traditional rake or a broom won't do the job. 

See this rake here: Wizard Rubber Rake

View the Merlin 10" Rubber Rake for a narrower version of this same rake.

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Features of the Wizard Rake:

  • The head has a wide set of curved rubber tines
  • Rake has a long 54" ash handle
  • Versatile alternative to metal rakes
  • Handle is either American or German FSC Ash
  • Specs: Length 58" x 20"  Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • See more detailed Specifications in the tab above

Clarington Forge - Maintaining Quality and the Environment

Quality:  These traditional garden tools are handmade at the Clarington Forge in Wigan, England. The blade is forged from steel with a tough powder coated green finish. Powder coating is a solvent free and heat treated process resulting in a superior and durable finish. Production of fine wooden handles at this location ensures a consistent product of the the highest quality. For any gardener who appreciates quality tools and a Lifetime Guarantee, these tools are built to stand up to tough work in the garden year after year. 

Sustainability:  The Clarington Forge meets strict British air quality emission standards, and the production process is designed to ensure the efficient use of materials. Wood handles are made from German and American Ash obtained from sustainable sources and are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Waste from handle production is re-used by a local farm. The process used for forging the tool heads is designed to optimize the use of raw materials and all steel scrap is recycled. Packaging is designed to be minimal and easily recyclable. Beyond all this, the most sustainable aspect of these tools is their durability. These tools will continue to be used by generations to follow. 



  • Rake Tines: 20" x 4"

  • Weight: less then 1 lb.

  • Replaceable rubber tines

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