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Garden Dibber Planter

Garden Dibber Planter

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Garden Dibber Planter: This dibber is a joy to use. The ash handle fits comfortably in the hand and is fitted with a sharp stainless steel spike.
Designed to quickly plunge to the desired depth and width, it is useful when planting multiple seeds and bulbs. The finely sharpened tip makes this an extremely effective dibber, and the ash wood handle offers a comfortable grip when working from a kneeling or seated position. Built and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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  • A smooth handle with a sharp tip
  • Tip is forged of stainless steel in Holland
  • FSC certified Ash handle
  • Specs: Length 15" x 1.25"  Weight: 8 oz.
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Sneeboer is located in Bovenkarspel in the North West of Holland, and is internationally renowned for the highest quality, stainless steel, hand-forged garden tools.
Committed gardeners purchase Sneeboer tools for their longevity, their ability to expertly do the job for which they are designed, and because each crafted tool is a pleasure to hold and use.  Every Sneeboer tool possesses this indefinable ‘heft’.  It’s a combination of many different characteristics - the feel of the smooth wooden handle, the way it balances in your hand, and how it works in the soil, that makes every Sneeboer tool feel ‘right’. 


  • Dibber: 15" x 1.24"

  • Weight: 8 oz.

  • Tip: 5" x 1.25"

  • Tip: forged stainless steel

  • Handle: FSC certified Ash

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