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Farmer's Dagger - Hori Hori

Farmer's Dagger - Hori Hori


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Farmer's Dagger:  Now with Serrated Edge, This is the best of the best. First, it's a DeWit. Next it's got some heft - more than the other two Hori Hori knives on our site. And third, every tool is hand forged from one piece of steel. No two are exactly alike and they are all unique, personal and Guaranteed a Lifetime.

A truly all-purpose and indestructible garden tool. From opening bags and taking out deep weeds to dividing plants and planting bulbs - it's strong enough for almost any task. If you only take one tool into the garden this is it. 

At 14 ounces it's slightly heavier than you would expect, and has a sharp blade. Both features make this tool easy to use and very effective. Forged from the highest quality Swedish-made Carbon Steel, it's easily sharpened with a whetstone.

This tool is backed by Gordon's Complete Satisfaction & Lifetime Guarantee. See details in the tab above. 


  • The 6 1/2" blade has one serrated and one knife edge
  • Forged of carbon steel in Holland
  • FSC certified Ash handle
  • Specs: Length 13" x 1.5"  Weight: 14 oz.
  • See more detailed Specifications in the tab above

DeWit Tools - Form and Function: These tools are fashioned using Swedish boron steel with FSC- certified European ash handles. High quality materials are incorporated in all products. Handles are formed for comfort and strength. The heads and blades are created with superior materials, workmanship and effectiveness. Each tool is designed and created to be the best tool for its specific task.

Hand Forged in Holland since 1878: DeWit’s reputation is proven through the longevity of its tools in the hands of professionals. The outstanding qualities of the company have been acquired over a century of handed-down skills and an unwavering desire to be satisfied by nothing less than superior quality. A lasting product for generations to come.

Tradition and Innovation - a combination that insures Quality: The work of a blacksmith and the knowledge of the techniques have been unchanged for centuries. Knowing how to heat and work the steel is the bedrock of DeWit. Constant investments are made in modern technology in areas that can help man to improve products. Essential is the focus on effective production methods. Recent examples of this are laser cutting machines and more efficient ovens, with a lower carbon footprint. This has been achieved without interrupting the perspective of the craft.


  • Knife: 13" x 1.5"

  • Weight: 14 oz.

  • Blade: 6.5" x 1.5"

  • Blade: forged from carbon steel

  • Handle: FSC certified Ash

  • Handle: Clear finish

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