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Who is Gordon?

I’m Mark. Gordon was my dad. My brothers, sister and I grew up in New Jersey, learning about plants from Gordon, growing and caring for our outdoor world from Spring to Fall. My mother’s realm, however, was house plants. I mostly remember African Violets because they bloomed constantly throughout our home! Within these two worlds we grew up with an understanding of the seasons, climates and individual needs of a wide range of plants.

My oldest brother, Peter, moved to the west coast in the 1960’s, and went on to own a retail plant store called “Giffen’s Garden”. He also studied and taught organic gardening long before “organic” became an everyday word.

My wife, Peggy, and I now live in Pennsylvania and have been avid gardeners our entire lives, spending April through early November in our yard. We wanted to fill the need for premium, “feel good in your hands”, lasting garden tools. Hence, Gordon’s Garden Tools was born from our passion for gardening and our desire to share these beautifully crafted garden tools with you.

Enjoy your garden!

Peggy and Mark

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