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Attack of the Tomatillos - The Poster!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inspired by the last post from Amanda, Max created this fun poster! Feel free to share it or print a copy.


credit: Max Kline,


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Damn the English

Friday, November 16, 2012

I’ll skip the profanity [here on the page anyway] and just say that the man who imported ‘English ivy’ should burn in Dante’s 9th circle for all eternity. All my neighbors have this #%$@%^* plant. I can feel it growing when I look at it. It pokes its horrid tendrils up out of my good black earth; it covers my Kentucky colonel mint [that just shows you what a hellish plant it is that it can overcome mint!!!] it puts its parasitic rootlets into my red maple and sucks its blood. Nothing will kill it; when I was a landscaper we rented a flamethrower [you can rent anything] in a fit of rage and torched a bunch… it must have enjoyed it because it came back so green and disgustingly healthy. Do you suppose that loving-kindness might make it die? Anyone who can love it please tell me if theirs looks sickly or anything.

Amanda Bennett

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